About Us

APURIMAC ONLUS is a non-governmental, non-profit, non partisan organization working in the areas of human and capital development geared towards the development of the human person; Using Entrepreneurship skills development as a tool in reducing poverty,mitigating conflict, promoting peace, right relationship and community cohesion.

We are also involved in peace building and promotion of inter-religious harmony through our advocacy and sensitization programmes, believing that the acceptance of ethnic and religious pluralism is a vital tool for peace in our communities.

Our desire is to build a viable society were love rules the world.



To build a society anchored on love and peace.


  • To protect the dignity of life and human solidarity, in defense of inviolable rights of individuals.
  • To initiate concrete works of development that ensures the right to health, education and jobs to people who are vulnerable.


  • To enhance the capacity of vulnerable women and youths to become self employed and sustained.
  • To sensitize and to create awareness on health issues which are a treats to holistic development.
  • To adopt pragmatic projects to fight poverty.
  • To promote peaceful coexistence and inter religious harmony.
  • Research and documentation.
  • Advocacy and Networking.
  • Training and re-Training of Trainers.