Our Activities


With the support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in conjunction with the Augustinian Province of Nigeria, Apurimac has built and started up the St. Augustine’s College, a secondary school campus for 900 hundred STUDENTS, developed on an area of fourteen hectares. The College is located in New Karu. It has equipped with the best furniture’s and equipments. We are involved in educational research and capacity training, and re-training of teachers in Northern Nigeria, as well as building of schools, organizing sensitization seminars all with the goal of improving the quality of education in Nigeria while shifting attention towards character education.

We also run a private/public educational library/resource centre to serve the educational and research needs of the people. Attached to the library is the E-Library with over 30,000 e-books and two million documents.

Our desire is to build a viable society were love rules the world.




To build a society anchored on love and peace.


To protect the dignity of life and human solidarity, in defense of inviolable rights of individuals.

To initiate concrete works of development that ensures the right to health, education and jobs to people who are vulnerable.